Lasix (Furosemide)
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Product description: Lasix is a loop diuretic used to treat high blood pressure or water retention associated with congestive heart failure, liver disease, or kidney disease.
Active Ingredient: Furosemide
Lasix as known as: Sinedem, Desal, Disal, Nuriban, Furantral, Opolam, Sanofi-aventis, Furos a vet, Furosed, Lasiletten, Furoser, Furosix, Fruside, Frusene, Fabofurox, Uretic, Furilan, Diusemide, Lasiven, Lasilacton, Anfuramide, Vesix, Lowpston, Furosal, Frudix, Furetic, Edemann, Lodix, Edemin, Diurefar, Fru-co, Lizik, Fahrenheit, Spiro-d-tablinen, Merck-furosemide, Furosemek, Furomid, Furovet, Spiro comp, Furozal faible, Spiromide, Furorese roztok, Salurin, Fruco, Furosoral, Fusix, Furozénol, Furostad, Lasilix, Uresix, Furosetron, Furohexal, Furanthril, Diuren, Diurapid, Furide, Fudesix, Hoe 058, Aldalix, Silax, Frusedale, Furogamma, Furodrix, Furomex, Furo-ct, Fuluvamide, Urex, Errolon, Frusehexal, Ansemid, Furotabs, Salidur, Classic, Furesis, Frusema, Sanwa kagaku, Furolix, Spmc, Foliront, Eutensin, Flusapex, Puresis, Osyrol lasix, Co-amilofruse, Frusecare, Beurises, Docfurose, Fursemid, Frusin, Frusix, Furodur, Fabop, Nadis, Apix, Dirusid, Furagrand, Dirine, Maoread, Retep, Floxaid, Naclex, Logirène, Salix, Asax, Furoxem, Dimazon, Furobeta, Spmc frusemide, Apo-furosemida, Diumide-k, Inclens, Fluss 40, Furtenk, Frusenex, Jufurix, Diural, Furo-spirobene, Salca, Furon, Edemid, Betasemid, Furospir, Diuresal, Pharmix, Miphar, Salurex, Furo aldopur, Lasitone, Farsix, Urever, Furosol, Oedemex, Las 6873, Furosemide olamine, Furix, Frusamil, Diaphal, Furo-puren, Intermed, Lasilactone

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